Curriculum Vitae


I graduated from:

  • Ecole polytechnique (Diplôme d'ingénieur, 2015-2019) in applied mathematics and computer science. I also followed courses in macro- and microeconomics.
  • Ecole des ponts ParisTech in Operations Research (MSc, 2019) and in environmental public policies (Mastère spécialisé, 2020).

Professional experiences

  • September 2020 - present : PhD Student, Ecole polytechnique
  • Optimization for large-scale power systems in the energy transition. Thesis advisors: Leo Liberti and Claudia D'Ambrosio (CNRS).
  • July - September 2022 : Graduate Research Aide, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Nonlinear optimization under eigenvalues constraints. Advisors: François Pacaud and Mihai Anitescu.
  • February - July 2020 : Policy analyst, Banque de France
  • Professional thesis on the "greening" of monetary policy instruments.
  • March - August 2019 : Research internship, Laboratoire d'informatique de l'Ecole polytechnique
  • Polynomial optimization. Advisors: Leo Liberti and Claudia D'Ambrosio (CNRS).
  • April - August 2018 : Research internship, Réseau de transport d'électricité
  • Computation of stability region of polynomial dynamical systems. Application to the analysis of transient stability in power sytems. Advisors: Carmen Cardozo (Rte) and Didier Henrion (LAAS-CNRS).
  • June - August 2017 : Financial data analyst, European Central Bank
  • Analysis and visualization of financial data about the collateral pledged by european banks.


  • Prix RTE - Energie et Numérique - 2018
  • Master thesis award from the French Operations Research Society (ROADEF) in 2020
  • Best student paper award from the French Operations Research Society (ROADEF) in 2022